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9 Volt Battery Chargers

741C Cheat Sheet

741C Pinout
Inverting Amplifier
Non-Inverting Amplifier
741 Op Amp
Supply Voltage +/- 18 Volts
Supply Current (Max) 28mA
Power Consumption (Max) 100 mW
Input Voltage +/- 15 Volts
Input Bias (Typical) 80 nA
Input Bias (Max) 500 nA
Input Resistance 1 - 3 Million Ohms
Output 20 mA
Output impedance 75 Ohms
Output Load >= 2000 Ohms
Output 2,000 ohms (Min) +/- 10 Volts
Output 10,000 ohms (Min) +/- 12 Volts
Minimum Gain 20,000
Maximum Gain 200,000
Slew Rate 0.5 0.5 v/Ás
Frequency x Gain 1,000,000

Difference Amplifier

741C Schematic

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Charge Rate

Wall Warts

Simple 1 Resistor Battery Charger

Constant Current Battery Charger from 2 LED's and a NPN Transistor

9V Battery Charger from 2 NPN Transistors

Adjustable Charge Rate Battery Charger from Op Amp

0 - 160 mA Adjustable Charge Rate Battery Charger

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741C Cheat Sheet

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