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9 Volt Battery Chargers

Test Results

Type Nicad Akaline Ni-MH Akaline Nicad
Capacity mAh 100 ? 120 ? 120
Start Voltage 7.61 4.25 2.45 6.81 7.06
1 Resistor mA 7.2 11.4 .1 11.2 9.7
2LED+NPN mA 10.8 10.8 .1 10.8 10.8
2NPN 15V Supply 10.05 11.32 .1 11.32 11.31
2NPN 19V Supply 11.42 11.43 .1 11.44 11.43


  • '1 Resistor Only' charging currents vary by as much as 58%. It is not reliable. It is dangerous with short circuit.

  • 'A' and 'E' were claimed to be new but were actually worn out.

  • Battery 'C' is defective or was damaged by a charger that did not speak Ni-MH

  • 'B' and 'D' were broken internally, probably during shipping at -40C.
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