New Additions
x86 Instruction Chart
8087 FPU Instruction Chart
9 Volt Battery Chargers
Solid State Circuit Breaker (20V 650mA)
Spice BJT Model Viewer
Ohm's Law Calculator
Prime Factorization
Convert a Decimal Fraction to a Simple Fraction
Example POV-Ray Animation
Example Virtual Machine
Locating a Gunshot with an Array of Microphones
Software Defined Radio
Salt Flats & Aeromods
Audio Amp + Spice References
Image Processing
KFC 'Secret' Recipe
Neddy's Brownies
Ham and Cheese Muffins
Railroad Tracks
The Bike Shed
The Guy That Invented Fire
Mods for the TRS-80 Color Computer

New Additions

X-Rite Color Chart Clones

"Real" X-Rite color charts ($80) are used by professionals for color management on monitors, cameras and printers.

X-Rite Color Chart Clone in PDF

X-Rite Color Chart Clone in PDF With Color Names & RGB Values

These 2 clones pages can be used as a calibration chart for photogrammetry.

  • The color blocks are 1.25" x 1.25" squares with a 0.125" space between the blocks.
  • The entire chart is 8.625" x 5.875".

Accurate Scaled Gothic Arch Drawing

There are many videos on youtube on building the gothic arches for a gothic arch greenhouse, but the math and geometry are poorly explained. So, here is a diagram with dimensions and labels in PDF file format.

PDF allows the accurate printing of lengths, so if you print it at exactly 100% scale, you can use a metric ruler to read off dimensions.


Domain Name System Developer Notes

Software Defined Radio Notes

Receiving, decoding and displaying weather data from a WT440 Wireless Weather Transmitter

C code for Cairo Text Justification

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