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Salt Flats & Aeromods

1970 Plymouth Cuda on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Belly Tank Salt Flats Car

The ideal tear drop shape.

Chevy Ecotec on Salt Flats

The So-Cal Speedshop streamliner with GMs 2.0 Liter Ecotec engine

Ford's Hydrogen Fusion at Bonneville
Honda Civic for maximum MPG
Honda Civic for maximum MPG
Can a sheet or two of corrugated plastic, a drill and a pop rivet gun shave 30% off your gasoline bill?

Mustang on Ethanol

Note the front air dam and rubber skirt.

NASCAR on the Salt Flats

If you let a NASCAR go straight, instead of around and around, how fast would it go?

Salt Flats Girl

Salt Flats Girl

Salt Flats Racing 1969 Chevy Camaro

Note the front air dam, grill restriction, lowered front end and skinny tires.

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